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Saturday, January 1, 2000

welcome to the elearning century

breaking news 1984

breaking news aug 2014- could elearning amplify impacts of millennial collaboration networks more than any other innovation?

 the idea that your job-worthiness depends on what university you are an alumni of seems to be very pre-digital;


http://normanmacrae.ning.com see 2013 year of mooc best new in 21st C: online youth only need one university - the best - help ...
ultimately we see learning value chains as the ones epicentral to changing all the value chains currently blocking milllennials from racing to end poverty and end joblessness;

there are 10 educational stories we would ask you to review before you decide whether our milennail optimism is justified

case 1 some background notes on Yazmi and noah samara founder of africa's satellite for free urgent info

selection from postbag on yazmi
thanks for spotting this yazmi presence in india- in DC we are in tebabu's hands for next steps with yazmi

from asia viewpoint , I assume the fatal deadline is to miss last week in september when sir fazle abed is in new york-
from africa and worldwide millennial viewpoint not sure.. perhaps the tedx at the world bank is the final DC-related deadline but dont know date of that

what is best way to keep sir fazle questioning how brac and yazmi could connect- obviously he was dying to have more information when we met him but 30+ days on -he has so much on his plate that I dont lnow if it will still be on his mind

case 2 open learning campus of world bank coursera and coming soon -who?

case 3 khan academy millennial network of best peer to peer 9 minute lesso-givers in medical space

case 4 south africa expects to create 1 million new youth jobs by 2020 by changing schools curricula


questions chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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