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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


During a global youth workshop in Cartagena, Colombia in November 2010, a representative of Phelps Stokes and International Fund for Agricultural Development discussed the idea of how best to create opportunities to connect poor, rural young women and men of African and Afro-descendants in Latin American to learn, share and exchange experiences, innovation and ideas in a more spontaneous and frequent manner. Young people, irrespective of where they are, are always looking at possibilities or opportunities where they can unleash their potentialities which are sometimes driven by their quests to independently overcome socio-economic barriers or inspired by important personalities who have distinguished themselves exceptionally in a specific field.
Taking into account the wishes and desires of many rural young women and men, the two institutions recognized the need to provide a continuous “space” by establishing a platform called the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) in April 2011.

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