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Monday, September 29, 2014

do you have any views on forming a young hispanics society or indeed any mother tongue millennials network christopher macrae Today at 8:22 AM To ber atl sam lar luc teb stef nai peterb mos and 24 more Some clues come from how we are mapping young african and young asian societies especially young chinese society now in play if alibaba is to make the internet as valuable for human job creation as possible
 Our map needs transparent distribution of viewpoints - 1 women 2 major capitals usa (diaspora),3 twinning capitals in spanish speaking nations

 ALIGNING WORLD RECORD JOB CREATION PURPOSE OF JIM KIM the purpose of the society is to empower 25-35 year old (hispanic speaking) professionals as the most connected educated network ever and consequently those around whose solutions post 2015 goals need to be invested and linked in if little sister networking is not to be wiped off this planet by big brotherdom 

This student year one of the most useful things that can be done by this of us in usa cities like washington Dc is to find in each relevant USA capital one 25-35 year old who can most collaborate around the diaspora viewpoint and where that capital also has an elite institution such as the world bank identify a leading 25-35 year old connector inside that world bank as well as developing a news-action space of what these group of young people need help with, we could increasingly invite them to help edit eg cases

  • on ENS curriculum or 
  • content on yazmi.com
  • or open learning campus
  •  or benchmark modelling cases of such diaspora grousp as those united around the blessed model In terms of diary challenges we dont know which of such case catalogues will need help when - what we do now is that ponce they need hel;p it will be uurgent and scale very fast 

  • thanks chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc 2030now co=blog

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