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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Stories under 35 professionals of pro--youth banking needed to know first, and virally celebrate across any network that claims to be socially valuable to 2030now Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB
Story of how village mothers most trusted doctor and nutritionalist was born untouchable and without one day at school
Story of how rice feeds over two thirds of poorest "curriculum of rice"
Story of what happens when crop science trebles rice crop with participation of smallest farmers thanks to big data analysis mobilised for small farmer usability

How to converge khan academy of food security with continental wide elearning satellite , world bank open learning campus and how brac connected 4 villagers markets out of nothing - education, health, nutrition and banking
How African Diaspora out of DC searched out top 20 "blessed" food security maps that lobbyists had previously censored congress from seeing. How Young Afican Society married Young Food Society and invited YOung Asian Society and Young Americas society to do likewise

Investing in Millennials Goals and Collaboration Network...
Just back from holiday in rome with my 17 year old daughter- 40 years of mistakes my family made in launching entrepreneurial revolution out of the economist and wi...
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IFAD boosts economic growth in rural communities by connecting small farmers to vital information
Access to technology is critical to poverty reduction, says IFAD President at signing of agreement with Intel
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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Purpose of valuetrue millennials networks is to help peoples, especially youth, rediscover Scottish Economics (SE) 1748-1948.
SE's essential valuetrue question is: if a peoples have no health service, no education, no banking, not enough nutrition , insuffucient clean water and energy and sanitation and safety for their - children how do they value building those sorts of market above all esle? and then linkin other market sectors around valuetrue purposes too? We value the internet's elearning opportunities by being perpared to map and learn from anywhere and any peoples who value such intergenerational sustainability chalenges openly and transparently. Currently the simplest first map we suggest (educators and) all of the net generation looks at is BRAC in Bangladesh. Bangladesh was born the world's poorest new 100 million plus nation in 1971. Villagers were the majority of the populace and their communities had none of the essential life shaping services From 1972 BRAC's Sir Fazle Abed started linking together grassroots community solution networks.
how did villager networks around Sir Fazle build rural health service? build village education? build banking networks? build valuetrue maps of food , water and safe-for-children communities? 

World Bank Group Youth Summit 2014: The Need for Open & Responsive Governments

October 7, 2014

IFC Auditorium, Washington, DC
The World Bank Group is hosting its second annual Youth Summit, in partnership with the Office of the United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth. This year's event will focus on increased youth engagement in issues relating to government transparency, accountability, and collaborative governance. The event is free of charge.
The World Record Book of Job Creation -game 1 survey your social network for top 10-12 job creators. Rules choose people who can win-win with eact others networks because their deepest skills or trust networks compliment each other 

In this context, here's a summary of our favorite learnings from BRAC so far - we'd love to hear yours -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.valuetrue.com washington dc 301 881 1655

BRAC.tv world class lessons on job creation

Choice of schooling systems is absolutely vital to development of a new nation and ending poverty. Bangladesh is uniquely fortunate with WISE ranking BRAC number 1 job creating education system

Along with education, health and banking are systems that impact families' lives and livelihoods out of every community. The search for what can a once poorest 100+ million nation do about building affordable healthcare across generations is one that BRAC and Partners in Health that both millennials and world bankers might gain from studying first

In fast changing countries the tensions between what peoples in big cities and in rural areas most wish for their childrens future can make or break or redefine nations. The coming of the digital world seems to have picked up the speed of change everywhere. Getting crop science transparently sustainable for rural people is pivotal to any transparent race to alleviate poverty. Studying how brac has built crop science knowledge to anchors whole food value chains around sustaining villagers jobs is a most joyful application. How mobile technology empowers peoples (especially women and youth) in this regard may be the most vital leadership decision those who own satellites and mobile networks connect to 21st C humanity.

The future of food, energy and water and waste cannot be separated socially or economically anywhere that peoples are to grow peacefully or cross-culturally. Wherever economists or professions fail to value this they fail world citizens and villagers. BRAC as the world's largest NGO is as diversely conscious of this sustainability crisis as anyone and searches out partnerships towards these ends in ways that are core to how open education applications of the internet are now being determined. This may yet define which millennials' goals wholly and truly define our generation's impact on the human race

Borderless governance? If 14-35 year olds were empowered by their own digital currency, then the way millennials interfaced with china NOW may be where humanity's future history spins. Is this an innovation agenda on which elders and regulators of cashless banking and crypto-currencies have patiently sought testimonies from BRAC - on girls' views if not all youth's views

in 40 years as a statistician exploring most humanly purposeful (and pro- next generation) organisations and networks in the world, BRAC gets my vote as number 1,  SO help wanted
please help us update or fill in 100 links every job-creating and poverty-ending millennial might enjoy knowing exist -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc 301 881 1655

breaking news: brac massive scale up girls education
brac dev
brac human rights

BRAC US (global fundraising)

brac at twitter
Beyond Boundaries: videos youth workers 
by value chain
schools, open edu  ; missing curricula : eg financial literacy ; CommunityLearningC
banking, investments by an for those with greatest sustainability challenges:
1 cashless banking -bkash  inno
microfinance+ banking
3 urban regen banking  brac bank 1  2
brac disaster relief
safety and bottom-up professions (ending exponentialexternalisation of risk)
brac theatre
makers markets -Aarong 65000 artisans (85% women)

.by urgent location or issue partners
Uganda- BRAC's fastest scaling partners Lab in Africa with Mastercardfoundation & ...
Gates Foundation and DFID prioritise development of Tanzania with BRAC
George Soros prioritises development of Liberia
BRAC internet - partners Japan-US-Bangla
MyBrac beta with Duke U
Wolrd Bank prioritses Ultra Poor collaboration networking
brac's home web 1 2 3 4
fan web of sir fazle abed

Friday, October 3, 2014

Health will be the lead practice area that  empowers millennials and women to  change  value chain sustainability and economics/peace from bottom up through every hi-trust global village network because

Number 1 demonstration area of value chain transformation at :
DC world bank (through jim kim),  and regioanl helathcheck days for thousands of poorest families
boston (through partners in health of jim kim and paul farmer PIH and GHD, of MIT open source engineering and media labs), of harrvard ethical millennials
San francisco-first practice app of khan academy elearning
Atlanta- New York connections planted by Turner family's billion dollar reconnecting of UN with grassroots womens responsibilities as well as CDC's urgnet crisis roles to share grounded solutions to ending plagues and fully valuing innovation in vaccination (eg ebola ):
Technology of women4empowerment
ITU of Geneva with its connections to WHO
Number 1 womens networking collaboration practice of pre-digital microcredit and number 1 practice inspiration of Bangaldesh's (2nd post-digital  1996-2021)) quarter of mobilising world to unite in poverty museum race

Health work is the number 1 ambition of girls brought up in schools networks linkedin to the origins of bangladeshi microcredit. In calling for microeducationsummit to replace microcredtsummit, health can be the bridging practitioners cases to dramatise this
Number 1 reason d'etre of African Diaspora's elearning satellite Ilab prevention of risks thrrough Larry Brillaint and Skoll in Asia and the Americas

Health is greatest need for big data bottom uop analysis in way that asian milennails (60% pf all killennials can peer to peer network0. Jpan and KOrean elders get this; China needs to value this if its ever to enjoy worldwide trust with net generation. This innovation bridge is something that Bangaldesh open tech wizards can help mediate
Analyse links between leapfroggimng gamechnages seen in bangaldesh as 20 yera long experimenter in mobile-up and helath
FRee Nurisng Colege next half billion jobs can be easiest way to unite celebrties supporting girl power and responsibilities of billionaires who have mde their money from new media's transmission channels into social value of every community's trust in health, education, banking and food security. Health is the most cross-cultural pursuit of all at least among mothers and families. 
Number 1 shared interest of soros open society, and rethinking economics from bottom up, sir fazle abed and paul farner - case study 20th open society awards Budapest- informal conversations on accelerating race to free nusring colleges- eg stories of abed's comenecemt speech and paul farmers upfate on haiti's training hospital
Can be number 1 bridge to Nobel peace laureates inspirations of how peace devlopment economies not vive versa:
Social entreprise award at 2013' Warsaw Nobel Peace Summit - to Plans leading citizen health entrepreneur
2014-2015 connected interests of alumni of mandela and yunus, of luther king and jimmy carter, of Rome and every millennial twin city of nobel peace laureates