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Monday, October 10, 2016

Brand Reality

This 3rd curriculum launched (1999 triple special issue of journal of Marketing Management)
-all the most costly mistakes oi 20th C mass media in failing to value the Emotional Intelligence and LoveQ of life critical service sectors. When this journal's research was presented at Harvard Business School - the response was this may be correct but it would never get any research budgets in USA. You have to ask yourself what curricula would never get research budgets on the 2000s in USA if you wish to empower millennials to be the sustainability generation. Clue the origin of the MBA was the same big banking mindsets as led the world';s financial system to teeter on the brink of collapse for all of millennials lives to date.

First curriculum of World Class Brands (est 1988 when Norman Macrae retired from The Economist)
-the greatest maths mistake in the world is the brand valuation algorithm recently invented by the  tangible accounting monopoly- in what can only be called a direction geared to 21st c slavemaking the accounting monopoly say that because you cant own people , training of employees  is always a cost while buying machines is an investment; this assumption exponentially destroys all roles people have to guard safety responsibilities of market sector -  as well as de-energising service teams, causing all the least trustworthy of emotions to fester in franchises (let alone community/government run social services and education , even policing) where people are needed to  serve customers 24/7 ....

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