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Thursday, April 21, 2022


 related resource TeachforSDGs.com No one reason but

1962 EU common agricultural policy ended its defining purpose (Messina 1955) of peace to all - it restarted the corn laws that the economist in 1850s with Queen Victoria had got the british empire to repeal. The British repeal had come too late to stop about a seventh of Irish people from starving. Setting monopoly prices and supply in the richest part of the old world. The EU prevented  former colonies from developing their agricultural economies optimally

The EU policy also spiraled problems at any to the EU - on way of selectively including new countries which were developed enough to join in

then in 1963 kennedy was assassinated:

this ended his understanding of urgent building of interdependent world

this accelerated what became the cold war race face off between USA and USSR to sponsor rival dictators not sustain local peoples sustainable development as such

internally it muddled any real "lives matter" progress between en whites and blacks- and as for the mexican border by now, the cia was importing drugs

and satellite tv started beaming in stories around the world - americans did not want to hear that developing world lives were stagnating - so aid became an image business of western commercial tv

and, were strange working practices- soon the world bank union negotiated developing nation experts had the right to be stationed in world bank hq comfort for 9 months a year and costly pensioms toboot

meanwhile usaid subcontracted most relief and development work - its not in subcontactors interests to train local people our of the own subcontracting

and there was the british empire - the pound sterling as a worldwide currency had spent all its reserve assets in saving europe from hitler- up to half the world's independence gave broken top down systems (and borders that had been used to divide an conquer rival cultures) so local rulers who had no more preparation for what they had inherited than you or I might have (often with primitive tax collection systems and transparency of land rights)

10 years after the eu's ending of agricultural responsibility- the extraordinary new nation of bangladesh emerges from what had been the double colonisation by Britain and then nearly 25 years by Pakistan - so poor that the national gov left 90% of the population without electricity grids largely to develop their own means of survival (agriculture, health, education)

miraculoysly a young asian oil company ceo , FAZLE ABED,  steps in and devotes the remaining 50 years of his life (innovating bottom up servant leadership -paulo freire franciscan model) to developing microfranchises - designed so nearly every village mother could replicate local small enterprises until there was sufficient rice not to starve, veggie vitamins not to stunt the body- sufficient basic local medicines to start raising life expectancy from 25 below world average. To Abed 3e's mattered in designing mucrofranchises- effective (served purpose) , efficient (positive cash flow because they couldnt be beaten for price, quality, value provided mother worked hard). Fortunately Abed's first responsibility was for 100000 person metavillage so he could design the wholesale value chains the villagers needed in such a way that national ownership of core agricultural markets could be put in ownership trust of the poorest village mothers.

During brac's first decade, there was among people with american connections mainly the chen family to write up brac's dev marketing reality- which martha did fter 8 years of being employee number 3 (to Mt and Mrs Abed) at brac- soon after this muhammad yunus started up grameen bank with a government ordinance but the new economics model of aid had 11 years prior consolidation around Bangladesh Rural Advancement Collaboration. We have learnt a loot from Muhammad Yunus but the entreperenurial revolution of the world's most effective development model out of extreme poverty can only be understood by clarifying the foundation grassroots networks of the womrn business ladies of BRAC- farmers health servants teachers crafts people climate adaptation connectors inter-generational investors in sustainable communi8ty building -and that's part 1 during the 25 yeras to 1995 that village mneant bno electricity grids. Then came solar and mobile and the greatest digital vilage leapfroging collaborations to end poverty

Yunus grew up  in his family''s jewelry business in Chittagong and his life was changed with a round the world trip to the annual boy scouts summit in Canada about the same time mud 1950s that Abed who was 4 years older had started studying Engineering in Glasgow. Yunus own strudies took him as Fulbright scholar to Van De Bilt Tenessee as a graduate the year that bussing and other discrimimation against blacks was enbded. He took to extrovertly to youth networking and brilliant speechmaking in ways that were later to compelement Engineer Abed. But this still dthis oes not explain how/why when USA started to annually celebrate microcreditsummits from 1997- Yunus stories instead of Abed curricula got 99% of showtime - other than in USA human development economics is led by PR not reality-making. (see also my triple special issue editing journal of marketing management - 1999 - brand reality -why 21st will desperately need to search for purposeful organisation and market's deepest purposes.


Aned,ooc.com has taken 16 visits by graduate journalists to present www.abedmooc.com - this is based on abed's last 10 yera sof peratnership collaborations  inclucing 20 years of brac universoity as well as going back to 1972 to understand how each microfranchi8se building block sequentially developed throigh what became one billion poorest asian development peacrices.

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