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Friday, June 10, 2011

Norman Macrae -mediator of pro-youth economics from open society/systems schools of keynes, wilson and smith; 1980s leadership explorer  tof 10 times more productive jobs on net generation

10 September 1923 to 10 June 2010
WHO REMEMBERED? Open educators

  • SIR FAZLE ABED Chief Guest REM3 hoisted by Japan Embassy in Dhaka
  • Taddy Blecher South Africa Job Creating Curriculum and Education designer while playing truant from skol championships 2012
  • Glasgow University Principal and Adam Smith Alumni
  • The Economist and Muhammad Yunus
    ...Before being in the last student year to be mentored by Keynes in Cambridge that economists end poverty by designing/mediating futures youth need to improve the human pt with their productive livelihoods, Norman as son of a British consul was mentored in Russia by peaceful opponents to Stalin and various hub cities in Europe by oppoents to Hitler. He spent his last days as a teenager navigating airplanes over modern day Bangladsh and Myanmar.

    After Cambridge Norman married the daughter of the Scot who worked with Gandhi for 25 yeras on what became the legalese of India's imndepemndence and settled in London's Stain James  where he mediated pro-youth economics at The Economist during second half of the 20th Century. His signature curriculum Entrepreneurial Revolution emerged in 1972 after seeing students least early digital learning networks. From then on every economic analysis penned by Norman valued the opposite end game to Orwell's Big Brother- why couldnt an open elarning age empower 10 times more youth productivity, sustainability, and collaboration. But if this was to happen with macroeconomic and mass media errore made from world war 2 would need to be resolved and the face to the future back from a bordreless planet woudld need to invest in millennial's goals -of which the simplest transcript in 2014 is Jim Kim's... Above all Norman economis celebrated where mases of people raised their livelihods simultaneousl- he was first westerner to consider japan in 1962 and by 1975 he was calling the world to celebrate colaborations with china becasue that would be the most populosu youth nation as the net generation came of age - and so economically the one we all need to design win-win trades with if a sustainable global vilage planet is to be the outsome that thos alive ion the 2010s pass on to their grandchildren everywhere