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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just back from holiday in rome with my 17 year old daughter- 40 years of mistakes my family made in launching entrepreneurial revolution out of the economist and with an italian partner (who becamse eu's head) flashed through my mind

Remembering Norman Macrae  -who?

online library of norman macrae--...
.Open Learning Campus Case 2- asserted commons property of all young professional associate nets
1996 Birth of Grameen Phone..

more recently the mistake in 2008 of the 10000 dvds with youth and yunus in the hope that the norman macrae and yunus pamphlet could get out in time to save youth banking by end of 2008 , and every mistake since then

hence fast forward to how to put this right on novemeber 2015- will club of rome let their nobel peace summit branch into nobel peacex in paralel way to ted's tedx

this is what could start to happen lining in milellenial networks if iot did- pelase tell us what eslse you think could coaboratively emerge round liverating job craeting stduents

 if we think any dc university students (UDC. UMD, GWU etc) can be empowered to join in - must be done during first 3 weeks of new university year
-you know how tedx branches differently from ted
it seems we need a noble peacex to be parallel university capital by capital to atlantas in mid november 2015- 

anna can san diego be up for that -glad to see epteam and w4e partnering with san francisco and kenya? if so naila and I should fly over and discuss; 
jean-claude ditto san francisco;  kazi oregon ditto; 

not sure who contact for boston equivalent neds to be until i find out more from sir fazle abed; can joburg host a peacex in mid november 2015 assuming the official cape town october 2014 doesnt sustain much after all the quarrels with the non-visa of dalai lama

(of course the other swing votes could come from one of 3 atlanta families if they vote for nobel peacex - the turners, the luther kings or the carters- after all peace sustain strong economies not vice versa doesnt it?

if university cities who want one day a year when elders listen to all their students in a silo-less way will shortlist themselves now then I think I can see a way to get the world bank leading practitioners of open education and young professional empowerment to join in but it will take sir fazle abed writing a letter of support too and would be better if we could link in sal khan too

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