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Saturday, April 25, 2015

POP goes the world.

If you are alive and learning today, you are part of the historic human race that spent 4000 times more money and time on worldwide communications than ever before.

 Beginning in 1946 we peoples started doubling these borderless spends every 7 years. By 2030, livelihoods ( and our species futures to be or not to be) will have  linkedin 12 doublings (4096 value multipliers)- an Entrepreneurial Revolution mapped by The Economist as early as 1972 as at least 10 times more impactful-  exponentially up or down- than the industrial revolution.

How do marketsreality fit into consequences of our human race?

.....Ask yourself which markets does your knowhow participate in, or collaboratively search out joyful goodwill around. SO how purposefully do these markets' reality map the most sustainable impacts you and yours (including virtual networks and real communities) celebrate for future generations.?

Take fashion garments for  example. We worldwide citizens could be proud that the world's poorest nation in 1972 is now the second greatest exporter. With Women4Empowerment, we could be celebrating how the people who produce these garments have predominantly been mothered by village women who were illiterate and suffering from having none of the infrastructure benefits ( electricity grids, running water, communications) that other places had gained from the industrial revolution. But then we in 2015, we cannot close our eyes to the reality that we still live in a world where 2 years ago over 1000 such brilliant young women were killed by a factory collapse. In other words the fashion markets shames us all starting with those it beautifies the most  (fashion4development.com seeks to put this right at the start of each new UN year including september 2015's which the UN has stated as needing to be the most transformative in its existence if sustainability goals are to be empowered by millennials).

As we live with the final 2 doublings of 2030now, will we 7 billion beings united round transforming fashion (and every markets reality) that isnt yet a win-win with optimalising every human livelihood?. If you are alive and open to learning, which marketsreality will you linkin changing next?

Take health for example - a market whose purpose The Economist surveyed in 1984 as likely to be a lead indicator of whether we design all the most life critical markets sustainably or not.

2015now: Have all the most expensive health practices and masters of adminstration in the world also learnt from what their networking will need to change from the bottom up if we are never to risk an Ebola crisis again in any hemisphere?.