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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

congrats bartx

Faculty & Course Overview

Barts X Faculty and Course Overview
Founded by Dr Shafi Ahmed, the curriculum will consist of AI, Robotics, VR/AR, Machine Learning, biosensors, intellectual property and more. The pilot kicked off in January 2017, and will take 120 students through a 4 month programme that includes idea generation, mentorship, pitch day and a hackathon.
The Faculty is world-class, with some of the most influential leaders in the space. The Faculty includes:
  • Dr Shafi Ahmed - Consultant Surgeon and Associate Dean / Faculty of Singularity University 
  • Dr Daniel Kraft - Paediatric oncologist / Chair of Exponential medicine, Singularity University US 
  • Dr Cristina De Juan - CEO of Innovatemedtec
  • Dr Jack Kreindler - Previous A and E Physician physiologist and serial technology entrepreneur / Faculty of Singularity University 
  • Maxine Mackintosh - Chair Health Tech Women
  • Milind Kamkolkar - Previous Global Head data science at Novartis  / Faculty of Singularity University US 
  • Arshya Vahabzadeh - Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. Director of Digital Health, Brain Power / Faculty of Singularity University
  • Dr Vishal Gulati - HealthTech venture capitalist
  • John Nosta - Digital Health strategic advisor Google Health Advisory Board  / Faculty of Singularity University US 

Class Day - 13 January 2017

The launch of the course took place at Barts University with students and mentors in the room as well as live streaming from the USA. 
Students are now divided into groups, given a mentor from the faculty, and are putting together a business case in preparation for the pitch day on February 24th! Watch this space.
Feedback from the launch day includes,
Here is the link to our white paper on 'Digital Health: an overview for physicians'.

Master Class Blockchain in Healthcare

Tags: Blockchain  Digital Health  Electronic Health Records (EHRs)  Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)


The master class will take place between 9.00 - 11.00 am on March 14th 2017. Breakfast will be provided.Our class will include a short presentation by the speakers, small group discussions on your topics, and extensive networking opportunities. A detailed agenda will be shared with the attendees.Before the event, you can submit questions that you'd like to be addressed during the event, from the challenges you are facing to feedback on your plans and ideas.


  • Robert Learney

    Robert Learney

    Associate Director of Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering at Imperial College London
    Dr. Robert M. Learney is a practicing medical doctor with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an Associate Director of Imperial College’s Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering. He has tutored students and guided projects in the field of blockchain technology for over 3 years now, some of which have gone on to form startup companies in this exciting new area. He has been invited to speak on behalf of the Centre at the European Parliament, at the Impact16 Fintech conference in Poland, and at NHS Expo 2016. He is also an active member of the UK Government’s specialist round-table in this subject.
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  • David  Shorthouse

    David Shorthouse

    Product Manager at Guardtime
    David is a engineer by background with training in mathematical, computational and electrical engineering. Before joining Guardtime he worked in the financial sector for many years most notably in the areas of investment banking, derivatives and insurance. He is now actively engaged in the exploration and exploitation of blockchain technology across the commercial sectors.
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Event Recap

Dr. Robert Learney kicked off our event by introducing blockchain and the research of the team at the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering in Imperial College. He explained what transactions mean, the emergence of blocks and the historical development.
We discussed Bitcoin, Litecoin and Monero, and the levels of privacy. There are many forms of blockchain, with the latest trend being in smart contracts. There are also several vendors, and hope for more visible organisations.
David Shorthouse from Guardtime, the world’s largest blockchain company, shared insight into how blockchain can revolutionise healthcare and how it already is. In Estonia, Guardtime is securing 1 million EHRs. Estonia turns to electronic solutions for anything from voting to taxes, these e-citizens are part of the e-Estonia movement.
The three essential pillars in this are confidentiality, availability and integrity. Now, the Estonian government has turned to Guardtime and blockchain technology to secure patient data.
Estonia's digital transformation has saved the Estonian government 2% of its GDP.
We discussed privacy rights and that from May 2018 every EU citizen of the member states will have the right to their own data.


Digital, Data and Technology: Disrupting Clinical Trials
Only 1 in 5,000 medicines in development make it to market, with a drug typically taking 12 years to develop from initial discovery to market. Estimates vary but the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry puts drug development at £1.15bn per drug. If we are to drive down the costs of medicines, we need to drive down the costs of clinical trials. Riddled with inefficiencies, the clinical trial process is ripe for disruption from patient recruitment to optimisation of data analysis. But how can data, digital and technology fit in a complex, lengthy and high risk process? To what extent are regulators open to new innovations? How is pharma investing in new approaches and technologies?
Join HealthTech Women UK, as part of the Data Science Festivalto learn, debate, network, and understand the role new technologies can play in future medicine development.
This event is kindly sponsored by Benevolent.ai
6:00-6:30 Registration
6:30-6:35 Welcome
6:35- 6:40 Introduction to clinical trials - the current state
6:40-6:50 What is pharma doing? + Questions
6:50-7:00 What are the regulators saying? + Questions
7:00-7:30 Startups disrupting clinical trials:
7:30-7:40 Wrap up - clinical trials 2030: What will they look like?
7:40 Networking drinks
9:00 Close


Thu 27 April 2017
18:00 – 21:00 BST


Central London TBC
United Kingdom


Organiser Image

Organiser:HealthTech Women UK

Organiser of Digital, Data and Technology: Disrupting Clinical Trials


  • Cristina De Juan

    Cristina De Juan

    Founder and CEO of Innovatemedtec, a marketplace for digital health, and the largest digital health network in UK. Prior to this, Cristina set up a government-based precision medicine innovation centre, and 2 medtech startups. Cristina used to run clinical trials for pharma, and holds a PhD in Genetics. She has recently been named one of the 100 most-influential leaders in healthtech in the world.
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  • Ben Luckett

    Ben Luckett

    Managing Director, Aviva Ventures at Aviva
    Ben Luckett is the Managing Director of Aviva Ventures. He set up the fund in August 2015 as part of Aviva’s Innovation Strategy. Prior to this Ben was the Strategy Director for the UKGI Business and has also held roles in Enterprise Risk and Finance. Ben represents Aviva on the East of England CBI regional council and is actively involved in supporting and mentoring local businesses.
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  • Ali Parsa

    Ali Parsa

    CEO & Founder at Babylon Health
    Ali Parsa is an engineer and healthcare entrepreneur, and the founder and CEO of Babylon, the UK’s leading digital healthcare service. Prior to Babylon, Ali founded Circle and built it within a few years to become Europe's largest partnership of clinicians. Ali was named by The Times among the 100 global people to watch, and by HSJ among the 50 most influential people in healthcare. Fortune named Babylon one of the 50 companies leading the AI revolution. Ali is the UK Cabinet Office Ambassador for Mutuals and has a PhD in Engineering Physics.
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  • Rupert Whitehead

    Rupert Whitehead

    Developer Relations Programs Lead in the UK at Google
    Rupert Whitehead is in the developer relations team at Google. He looks after developer communities, and Google's expert and agencies program for the UK and Ireland. This touches on technologies ranging from the web, mobile, cloud, VR/AR and machine learning. His main focus is to help developers become more successful with Google's APIs. Rupert is currently working with a number of machine learning groups to drive better collaboration. Before joining Google, Rupert worked in Nokia and Symbian.
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  • Maja Pantic

    Maja Pantic

    Professor of Affective & Behavioural Computing at Imperial College London
    Professor Maja Pantic is one of the world's leading experts in the research on machine understanding of human behaviour including vision-based detection, tracking, and analysis of human behavioural cues like facial expressions and body gestures, and multimodal analysis of human behaviours like laughter, social signals, and affective states. In 2006, she joined Imperial College London where she is also the Chair of the Intelligent Behaviour Understanding Group (iBUG) working on machine analysis of human non-verbal behaviour.
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  • Jack Kreindler

    Jack Kreindler

    Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Sentrian
    Jack is a doctor, technology entrepreneur, and speaker on the future of life science and medicine. Jack trained at UCL in Medicine and Physiology. Alongside The Centre for Health and Human Performance in London, Jack has founded and funded several innovative medical technology ventures in the UK and California aiming bringing Artificial Intelligence into medical practice to help doctors and patients make better, earlier decisions together. Jack serves as Faculty for Singularity University's Exponential Medicine, Barts X Medicine, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and as guest curator for WIRED Health, Founders Forum, The Science Museum, and a co-organiser of TEDx London.
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  • Pearse Keane

    Pearse Keane

    Consultant Ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, NIHR Clinician Scientist at Moorfields Eye Hospital
    Pearse A. Keane, MD, FRCOphth, is a consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and an NIHR Clinician Scientist, based at the Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London (UCL). Dr Keane specialises in applied ophthalmic research, with a particular interest in retinal imaging and new technologies. In April 2015, he was ranked no. 4 on a worldwide ranking of ophthalmologists under 40, published in "the Ophthalmologist” journal (https://theophthalmologist.com/the-power-list-2015/). In 2016, he initiated a formal collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google DeepMind, with the aim of applying machine learning to automated diagnosis of optical coherence tomography (OCT) images.
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  • Billy Boyle

    Billy Boyle

    CEO and Co-founder at Owlstone Medical
    Billy Boyle founded Owlstone Medical. The company produces the Owlstone detector, a ground-breaking solid state sensors device that uses micro- and nanofabrication techniques to detect a wide range of airborne or dissolved chemical agents. Owlstone Medical is running three large scale clinical trials to develop biomarkers for the early detection of cancer, and was recently named Invention of the Year in the 2017 Top 50 in Digital Health Awards. Prior to Owlstone, Billy was a Research Associate in the Microsystems and Nanotech group at the University of Cambridge.
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  • Bonella Ramsay

    Bonella Ramsay

    Global Co-Chair, Life Sciences Sector at DLA Piper
    Bonella Ramsay is the Global Co-Chair of the Life Sciences Sector at DLA Piper. She is involved in IP rights management and strategy as well as structuring and negotiating the exploitation of IP rights. She has a particular focus on digital health and technology transactions for the pharmaceutical and biosciences sector.
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  • Gareth Stokes

    Gareth Stokes

    Partner at DLA Piper
    Gareth Stokes is a partner at DLA Piper, focusing on information technology, outsourcing and intellectual property-driven contracts. Gareth's experience spans numerous complex major procurement and sourcing projects within heavily regulated industries. Gareth is currently focusing on AI across several sectors and the new legal challenges that tech poses.
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  • Christian Scherrer

    Christian Scherrer

    Investor at Kinnevik AB
    Christian Scherrer is a venture and growth investor at Kinnevik, an entrepreneurial investment group focused on building digital consumer businesses including healthcare. Christian is focused on e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. His previous investment experience comes from working with J.P. Morgan and the Swiss National Bank.
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  • David Kelnar

    David Kelnar

    Investment Director & Head of Research at MMC Ventures
    David Kelnar is Investment Director & Head of Research at MMC Ventures. David has served as founding CEO and CFO, respectively, of two consumer service technology companies and is also an advisor to a range of early stage ventures. Previously, David was an equity research analyst and investor in the European technology sector, at Goldman Sachs in London and a hedge fund in New York.
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  • Indra Joshi

    Indra Joshi

    Clinical Lead at NHS England
    Indra graduated from University College Medical School in London and works both as an Emergency Medicine specialist and a Health Policy Advisor for the Civil Service. She has a special interest in expedition and travel medicine and has completed many tours around the world working with voluntary organisations and the Olympic Committee. She spent 3 years researching the use of Web 2.0 technologies in healthcare and health informatics and published her findings internationally.
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  • Caroline Rivett

    Caroline Rivett

    Cyber Security Director, Life Sciences at KPMG
    Caroline Rivett is the Cyber Security Director of Life Sciences at KPMG. She has over twenty years experience of managing and reviewing technology and risk. Over the last five years she has specialised in privacy and the security of personal medical information. Caroline is the KPMG account lead for cyber security and privacy for a number of global pharmaceutical companies. Previously, Caroline was the Chair of the Audit Committee in the NHS as well as co-founding, running and selling a start-up, which analysed medical records for life insurers.
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  • Jordi Guitart

    Jordi Guitart

    Non-Executive Director at Atem NT
    Jordi is Non-Exec. Director at Atem NT, a research company specialized in AI, HPC and Robotics. He is concurrently CTO at Spoonful of Sugar, a UCL spin-out company providing behaviour-change consultancy in Healthcare. He has more than 15 years’ experience as senior executive in consultancy and tech companies for Life Science industry. He is Ass. Professor of the Digital Economy Institute (ICEMD) of ESIC Business School. He holds a PhD in Telecom Eng. from Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya.
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  • Nuno Godinho

    Nuno Godinho

    General Manager for Software & CTO Europe at GE Healthcare
    Nuno Godinho oversees all software development done in Europe in the healthcare space at GE, mainly focusing on the Cloud and Industrial Internet. Nuno has 16+ years experience working in industries like Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Telco, Insurance and Travel among others, from Developer to CTO and CIO. He is a recognized Thought Leader in the industry and invited to be a speaker in several industry major events like Cloud Banking Europe 2015, Software Architecture Conference and Microsoft TechEd Conferences, has been lately working in Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google and others), BigData and IoT.
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  • Spyros Kotoulas

    Spyros Kotoulas

    Manager of the Health and Person-Centered Systems at IBM Research
    Spyros Kotoulas is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Ireland and the Manager of the Health and Person-Centered Systems research group. He is working on improving Healthcare and Social Care for vulnerable populations, aiming a better experience for the individual, increased effectiveness and reduced cost. His aspiration is to build personalised and person-centric systems that will positively disrupt the management and delivery of care. His research interests lie in artificial intelligence and data management for semi-structured data, parallel methods for data intensive processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, flexible data integration methods and the Internet of Things.